Foundation Declutter

I decided it was about time to do a long overdue foundation declutter for reasons being that I genuinely have far too many & it is pointless hoarding them for the sake of it & also because they are coming to the end of their best & should really go. 

Is there anyone else who finds it difficult to not give in to the latest foundation & then end up with so many?! I still have a lot in my collection but I don’t have a good enough reason at the moment to really cull them whereas these have justified reasons. 

The YSL Ink Fusion foundation was definitely one of those YouTube made me buy type products, I got caught up with the hype when it came out & had to have it for the simple fact that I didn’t want to feel like I was missing out.  I can honestly say that I have only used this 3 times which is so incredibly disappointing considering how much it costs I feel sick thinking about it. 

For the formula just wasn’t right for my combination skin type,  I really wasn’t a fan of the the fluid like feel on the skin to me it felt a little slimy & I found it incredibly hard to blend without getting a streaky affect on my skin. The applicator is just ridiculous in my opinion a plastic stick, I don’t feel I over applied it but with a brush particularly a buffing brush this just does not work. 

Does anyone else have opinions on this because I am wondering if this worked for others & what application techniques were used? 

I love the Tarte 12 hour foundation so you must be wondering why I am getting rid of it? So I basically chose the wrong shade, I thought light sand would be just right for me but as it turns out it is way too dark. The only time I would be able to wear this is with a slight tan in the summer but to be honest it is so full coverage which by the way is amazing I just cannot wear heavy foundations when it is hot.  I have since purchased my correct shade fair sand which works so much better for me so I am looking forward to using the foundation again this Autumn / Winter. 

I remember when I first started using the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation it always gave great coverage & lasted all day for me which was amazing as I do tend to have an issue with foundations lasting all day. The coverage is definitely medium & has a lovely finish, this is a foundation I would recommend. I am letting this one go because it is past its best but I did find the last couple of times I used it it was coming off different on my skin.  

I suddenly found it was sinking into my pores around my nose which it hadn’t done before but I guess I could have changed my skincare products since I first used it but I cannot remember to be honest.  I will definitely purchase this again at some point in the future when I have got through some other foundations as I genuinely feel this is a good drugstore product. 

Boy this was an expensive mistake to make! Online makeup shopping is really a risk especially when it comes to foundations in fact I would now advise against it unless you are topping up on something that already works for you. I think you can guess by now I purchased the wrong Dior Airflash shade which was gutting. Another foundation for me that could only be used in the summer if I had a good tan. The finish on the foundation is beautiful I would say a satin finish with a dewy glow that looks healthy lit from within. I did use it as much as possible,  my favourite method was spraying it onto a buffing brush & working it in. I did try spraying it directly on my face the first two times then going in with a brush but it wasn’t the easiest option & it was also too easy to get too much product on your face. 

I have since repurchased this in my correct shade so I look forward to be able to use it knowing it matches my neck! 

This is a huge thumbs up foundation for me the Maybelline Dream Satin,  I love seeing the advert every time it comes on TV. The formula is so smooth to apply it literally glides onto the skin & blends in beautifully. I have never had an issue of it settling into pores & I find it’s one of few foundations that last on me. 

The finish truly is satin it is beautiful there is definitely a lit from within look to it.  I was planning on finishing the product a year ago but you sidetracked with other foundations so this is only going out purely because it is past its best but I am really looking forward to repurchasing this again,  I love this so much I have it in my pro makeup kit for when I do makeovers or makeup lessons. 

Marc Jacobs what was I thinking,  £60 completely & utterly wasted.  I initially purchased Ivory light which was surprisingly too light for me & it is smelt a bit funny I can only say it makes me think of chemicals when I smell it.  I decided that I really wanted to have a Marc Jacobs foundation so I went on to purchase the Ivory Medium & although the odd smell wasn’t present with this new one the application of the foundation is pretty hideous.  There’s something about it where it doesn’t blend or sit on your skin well,  I don’t know what is up with the formula but apparently gel is not for me.  I kept hold of these due to the cost of them & I was going to try the Ivory Medium again but I am really feeling like I am not going to get on with it so I am just going to cut my loses & say goodbye. 

I would love to hear others opinions on this foundation? 

I hope you liked the post guys,  much love xx

4 Key Skincare Products 

I am a self confessed skincare junkie… Over a space of about 6 years I have amassed & used many products which I have mainly loved but some not so much.  I try to stick to a few certain products that I repurchase time & time again but recently there has been a big shift with what I have been using,  although for me there has been no particular reason other than let’s see what happens. 

I came across this new brand  I have been using about 18 months ago though at that time I was the least bit interested so I brushed it to one side but kept a silent watchful eye pondering to myself.  A fellow school friend who I had been in touch with brought this brand to my attention again about 5 months ago but again I kept a watchful eye from a slight distance still deciding whether it was right for me or not. It was around May that I went to an introductory evening where I got to learn more about the brand & actually see the products for myself. The brand I am talking about is Arbonne a Swiss heritage premium skincare & beauty company.  I loved their philosophy & products so I decided after consideration as my friend spoke to me to just right in I mean what did I have to lose?! Nothing. So there it was I surprised myself by joining Arbonne as a consultant mainly for the makeup to introduce into my pro makeup kit & use on clients. 

So in the last month I have switched my skincare over to the Arbonne RE9 range which has been developed for anti-ageing skincare needs.  Something I would like to add at this stage is the whole of Arbonne is vegan & cruelty free. There are no nasty chemicals,  no parabens & no mineral oils in any of the products which interested me, I wanted to experience first hand what the products would be like & what benefits would I see.

Over the last few weeks of use I have come to find my key products which if I am honest I am not sure I could go without again &  that’s the honest truth.  

Firstly there is the RE9 cleanser which I use whilst in the shower,  it is a liquid cleanser which has a silky cream texture.  It has never irritated my skin,  it has always left my skin feeling thoroughly cleaned & luminous.  I use it to take off any residue eye makeup which has never stung my eyes or left them feeling uncomfortable. I don’t think I have ever come across a product that feels so satisfying whilst having a thorough cleanse, I always feel lovely & refreshed afterwards. 

The next product I have been absolutely loving is the nourishing oil. I had not planned to use this on myself but instead in my make-up kit as an extra boost of moisture during skin preparation however I was feeling with the change in weather my own skin needed a boost so I started to use it as an additional layer after serum but before moisturiser & I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin & the moisture levels.  You literally only need one or two drops but it really leaves the skin looking luminous with a natural healthy glow. 

A product which if I am honest blew me away is the genius pads which is a plant based retinol,  that’s right you read that correctly, plant based retinol. It comes with 60 pads in a tub which you fill up with the associated retinol liquid & each night you use one pad all over your face. The product lightly exfoliates the skin, in fact it’s the equivalent to a chemical peel without the side affects.  What interested me about the product which is also the reason why I invested in it is it diminishes pigmentation & dark spots over time.  Since using a liquid exfoliation from a well known brand a few years ago I instantly started to get pigmentation appearing on the tops of my cheeks which I have been wanting to rid of ever since & so far this wonderful product is doing what it says on the tin & is lightning the area. There is definitely progress with the pigmentation I really can see it going, I am confident in the next 6 months it will be gone – watch this space! 

My fourth product really is something that took me by surprise, it is the RE9 Advanced Night Creme. I am a complete snob when it comes to night-time products I don’t mind splashing the cash & investing heavily in this area of my skincare routine.  I basically wrote the creme off before I even  tried it however as it was part of the set I purchased & it complimented the ingredients used throughout the entire range I felt I needed to try it.  The creme is beautiful on the skin its thick but doesn’t feel thick on application, it sinks into the skin effortlessly, my skin feels hydrated, soft, plump to touch & actually looks plump too. I genuinely wake up with glowy plumped skin every day.  This truly is incredible night-cream so I am now eating humble pie after my initial thoughts before even giving it a chance. 

Arbonne is an interesting range of products that is not only good for your skin, they are vegan, 100% cruelty free & if you are the kind of person that likes to look after yourself on a nutritional level this really is a brand you have to try. You look after the inside & the products will look after the outside with barely any effort.  In fact I would go as far to say if you want to look after your skin & invest in your future self & only put genuinely good products on your skin that won’t have any adverse effects then this is a brand to try,  trust me take a leap of faith.

I hope you liked the post guys, much love xx

Byterry Light Expert Click Brush

So spending £48 on a foundation, that’s crazy & I did!

What was I thinking was the first thing that came to mind after I made the purchase but I adore ByTerry & desperately wanted this when it came out.  I have a weird thing about not using my expensive makeup straight away it’s like in my mind I am too worried to use something that will run out quite soon especially when it has cost so much, is anyone else like this? 

So this is the foundation broken down, I love the fact you will get everything single bit of the foundation out as the bottom pushes the product up. I think it is a good thing you can take the brush off & wash it, I personally only use the brush to get the product on my face then I go in with my beauty blender.

I have done before & after shots all of which gave been taken on the same day, the shade I have used is rosey beige.

The coverage isn’t too bad, it was not as buildable as I had hoped but it has a lovely finish. I can definitely feel like I am wearing something but it’s not a cakey feeling it’s more of a serum feel on the skin. The finish is neither dewy or matte it’s very much in between, I do have to powder down my t-zone otherwise I do get slight oily patches but I have not powder any of my skin in these pictures.  

I have been wearing the foundation daily for a couple of weeks now more so to get this used up so it’s not wasted but like most foundations it doesn’t last a full day. My skin is combination which is very thirsty so my foundations tend to only last until lunch. It is worth noting that this is a fragranced product it has a rose undertone which I personally find annoying but it doesn’t cause any issues to my skin. The texture & consistancy is a medium feel it’s definitely not runny but it’s not a think formula so it is really easy to blend.

I do like the foundation but there is no wow factor for me so unfortunately it will not be a repurchase for me however I wouldn’t put anyone off buying it I think for me the longevity is just not there to justify a repurchase.

Hope you liked the post guys,  much love xx 

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher Concealer 

In my qwest to find the concealer that is the “one” I decided a while ago to pick up Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher. I have actually fully used this up which doesn’t happen often so to finish this up is a relief especially considering this is £25, gulp.

I do have a habit of splashing out on expensive products but I also have a habit of buying too much makeup & as a result not focusing on one product at a time but multiples so it takes me ages to get through anything. I do try to make an effort & get through the expensive makeup as there is nothing worse than wasting it & realising how much money you have thrown away.

I love the fact with this concealer the packaging is compact & easy to pop into my bag, it is definitely easy to use but it is also easy to go click crazy & end up with too much product. The concealer glides on smoothly & blends out really well.

I picked the shade Fair 2 which is a perfect match for me, I just find that for me personally the coverage is just not enough. I have tried to build it up but I just can’t get anymore coverage from it to completely wipe out my dark circles. I have been using this mostly on top of other concealers to bring some extra lightness to the area, though I am wondering if I was using too much product initially & then wiping it off as I was blending it out.

I am two minds about whether or not to repurchase & try this again at somepoint but I have to say I feel more drawn to the Estee Lauder Double Wear & MAC Pro Longwear Concealers as these are ones I tend to repurchase. On a positive note about the Charlotte Tilbury it has never been drying or looked cakey under the eyes.

I am sure there are many people out there who have used this so what are your honest thoughts?

I hope you liked the post guys, much love xx


It’s All About The Lipstick 

To say I love a lipstick is an absolute understatement,  my lipstick drawer is ridiculous & that doesn’t include the lip stains & glosses I also have but I am completely unapologetic about it. My love & desire for a good lipstick is very strong & it will always be a product I cannot say no too.

My most recent purchase has really excited me because I truly believe I have found the smoothest lipstick ever, I love the Clinique Color Pop lipsticks for their smoothness but these have pipped them to the post.

Let me introduce to you the Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipsticks!

Arbonne is a Swiss Heritage Premium brand which solely sells vegan products which are also cruelty free but free from any parabens & nasty ingredients.

The lipsticks are incredibly smooth to apply they have a butter texture that just glides onto the lips, the formula is very comfortable to wear too. As you can see from the description there is hyaluronic acid which will hydrate your lips which is perfect for the colder months approaching soon. Made up of 16 beautiful shades I have picked 3 of my absolute favourites though there will be more shades added to my ever-growing collection.

I opted for Willow which is a gorgeous nude though on my fair skin it comes off as a dark nude but looks beautiful on all skintones,  I also have Camellia which is the shade I was most drawn too as I love lilac tones. I decided I needed one that had a pop of colour so Guava took that spot.
These are the shades taken in indoor & outdoor lighting, hopefully you can see why I was absolutely drawn to Camellia.

The following pictures were also taken indoor & out, please excuse the quality of the indoor pictures but my phone camera isn’t always the best.

Willow #7922

Camellia #7930

Guava #7929

I am hoping you can see from the pictures how creamy & smooth the formula is.

My current wishlist is to add Magnolia, Dream, Current & Iris along with the lip liners, I already have Peach which sits in my Pro Makeup Kit & is used on every bride.

Regardless as to whether you are a vegan or not I would definitely recommend the lipsticks & brand to all, especially if you are conscious of what products & ingredients you are putting on your skin.

The lipsticks can be purchased online via –

Hope you liked the post guys,  much love xx
*Disclaimer – I am an Arbonne Consultant however I only use & recommend products I truly believe in that I would use on myself & clients,  I wanted to take the opportunity to bring a great brand to you that you may or may not have heard of.

Brows That Stay

I have found over the last 3 years filling in my brows has been one of the most important parts of my makeup routine mainly for the fact in my teens I overplucked to the point where they nearly didn’t exist. I would love nothing more than thick full brows, any tips on growth?!  I hear castor oil is supposed to be good? I truly believe that filling in your brows whether you are sparse like me or just have a few fine patches can really frame the face & make a massive difference. When I am doing people’s makeup they are amazed at how much it can change your face / look, in a good way of course!

I chop & change between products I use on myself, I do have two firm favourites which I will always repurchase but I have come across another two great products I wanted to show you.

The first is the eyebrow gel from NYX which I purchased last summer & after a couple of uses very quickly purchased a backup because I just literally fell in love with it. I tend to chop & change between pencils& gels depending on my mood. For me I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was to use, it like a putty it reminds me of the Anastasia brow pomade. It’s pretty tough to squeeze out the tube but the fight is worth it in my eyes. Once you work it through with the brow brush of your choice I tend to take a disposable mascara wand to brush through the brow to make sure the product is even & the brows are nicely placed. You do not get alot of playtime with this so you have to work fast as it dries down. Once the product is dried you are literally all set for the whole day until you take it off! Impressive eh.

This is a new discovery for me from Arbonne Shape It Up, it’s not how I expected it to be either but I genuinely mean that in a good way. I was really expecting this to be your standard eye pencil but what I didn’t realise until I tested this is it’s your average pencil, the product feels very promade / putty like if that makes any sense at all. For me the consistency & texture is like the NYX eyebrow gel & the application & finish of the Anastasia promade,  it really surprised me.

I love the fact this has a spooly I really feel lost if I do not have a spooly to hand to work through my eyes as I am applying the product. Very much like the NYX eyebrow gel this also sets & you are pretty much good to.

On the left is the NYX eyebrow gel in blonde & the right Arbonne Shape It Up in medium, can you see the formula is very similar & how the Arbonne pencil is not a true eye pencil as we know?

The Arbonne Shape It Up pencil can be purchased from my Arbonne website if you you wanted to try it out, I do think you will be pleasantly surprised –

I would love to hear about the brow products you use & swear by?

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx

Inspirational Makeup Looks 

I spend most nights looking through Instagram & Pinterest looking at other people’s work taking in their creativity & wondering where their ideas & visions come from. I find myself in awe of so many talented artists & the looks being produced & shared. My phone & tablet have turned into a virtual scrapbook saving so many incredibly inspiring looks, looks I would love to reproduce to help myself to keep developing. I take my own inspiration from other people’s work it certainly helps to gets me thinking.
Alot of the images I have saved over the last year have now been printed off & I am currently working on a physical scrapbook that I can refer to for reference.

I wanted to share some images I have saved that I absolutely adore, I cannot remember the individuals that have created these looks but I want to make a disclaimer that I am not & will not share these images with the intention of pretending these are my pieces of work.

Enjoy x

My Magic Formula (For spotty, bumpy skin)


For some reason in the last 6 months I have started to suffer from little spots under the skin around my skin & above my upper lip. I first noticed it along my jawline which I thankfully managed to clear but in the last few weeks my chin & mouth region have really begun to suffer which is turn started to affect my self esteem. I have actually been starting to wonder if I am getting adult acne so I have been reading alot online to try & understand what is going on & to see if I could self diagnose but really I am not sure what is going on. I am very much into caring for my skin & I spare no expense in helping it to look & feel good so it was quite alarming to see these spots appear.

My skin has been feeling really bumpy & in certain lighting you can really see it. I have found that makeup has been enhancing the bumps so I made a decision to cut back on my foundation & really focus on sorting out whatever the issue is before it gets worse so went back to basics on my skincare routine.

I am an avid facemask user & will always do atleast one mask a week which will normally be a clay mask to pull out any impurities. The two masks I switch between surpringsly have had no affect on the spots, I was relying on them to really pull out the congestion going on.


It’s not often I reach for my Foreo Luna but I decided I would use it in hope it would work magic on me. If you have not heard of the Foreo it’s a great little face gadget that has silicone pads, it’s easy to wash & it does not fester bacteria. It has two vibrating settings depending on how intense you want to clean your skin. It’s 100% waterproof so can be easily used in the shower. I believe there is a 20-30 second vibrating cycle though I have never really counted each cycle, it pulse vibrates when it’s ready to be moved onto another area of the face. The idea is to use it in sections so you can really focus the cleansing in that one area then when it’s ready you move onto the next & so on. It’s so incredibly gentle there is zero irritation to the skin.


The cleanser I have been reaching for to use in conjunction with the Foreo is the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser which I learnt about from an American blogger. This is a perfect product for those who have sensitive skin, it’s fragrance free which makes it completely non-irritating, it’s also perfect for people with dry skin. I would describe it as a lotion cleanser it’s very runny & incredibly moisturising. The great thing is my skin has never felt tight after use it is such a gentle yet effective cleanser. I really do see a massive difference when I use this it actually helped to clear up my jawline spots. Using this in combination with the Foreo has been so effective that within 5 days of cleansing twice a day it has nearly cleared up my spots, I am astounded.


The last product I have been using to really treat my skin is the La Posay Effaclar Duo.
I have been applying this in the morning before moisturiser really massaging it into the skin. I am not convinced how much of an impact this has been having as I really feel the Cetaphil & Foreo has been the magic combination, I actually started to use this a week before the Foreo but didn’t see or feel any major results so seeing as the product is there I thought I would just try & use it up by slotting it in.

Feeling my skin now I can still feel slight bumps & congestion under the skin so this is still work in progress but the congestion is not as visible now, I can see that the area is being deeply yet gently cleaned out so I shall keep going until the area is fully back to normal.

I would recommend the Foreo with any cleanser as it is an effective way to deeply clean your pores, I personally would not use it to remove makeup but as a second cleanse in your routine. The Cetaphil I would also recommend for a very gentle yet effective way to keep your skin in tip top condition. I would definitely say this is my magic formula that works for me.

Hope you liked the post guys, much love xx

Flora Mare Skincare


“Discover beauty secrets from the sea with this gorgeous skincare range that helps tackle the signs of ageing using innovative ingredients sourced from the sea and maritime plants.”


I recently discovered a new skincare brand via QVCUK which I have dipped my toe into to see if it is something I would like to add to my ever growing collection of skincare. I do not know a great deal about the brand at the moment, what I do know is they are German & use maritime plants as one of their key ingredients. I wanted to try & do a little research on the brand but their website will not translate for me.

I had not planned to watch QVC the day the brand was airing I think I had it on in the background & something must have caught my attention, I actually gave my friend two of their moisturisers I had from a goodie bag I got last year & she said it was a good product so I started to watch the demonstrations.


What I did pick up was the tinted moisturiser, I am very drawn to this & couldn’t take my eyes off the demonstration. The clever thing about this product is there is one universal shade but it adjusts to your skin tone it is really interesting to see. I saw the product applied to black & white skin it adjusted perfectly to both skin tones it was just amazing.




The formula is definitely thicker than your average moisturiser however it applies really nicely with figures as you are warming the product as you go. It blends really well into the skin & feels very light & airy which you would not expect for something that feels thicker than a moisturiser. It definitely makes your skin look radiant with health & I personally feel it gives really good coverage. I would say it is something I tend to wear on days when I want something quick to put on & not feel like I have a foundation on, a product that also allows my skin to breath. Personally I prefer to powder down my t-zone mainly because I am not used to having glowy looking skin & also after a few hours I did tend to get a little oily but I think for me it is more to do with the formula as I am noticing that not all base products make me oily. The size of the bottle is 50ml which I think is quite generous.

Overall impression is I like the product it is very comfortable to wear & makes a lovely base but I doubt I would make a re-purchase simply because I have got so many base products & although I like this it doesn’t quite stand out as a must have for me personally. I would however recommend it to others it is a pleasant product to use.

Hope you liked the post guys.


Much love xx